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On a table saw, the blade is in a fixed position. The operator pushes the work pieces past the blade to make cuts. A table saw can make long, straight, rip cuts (with the woodgrain) and repeated cross-cuts (across the woodgrain) much more quickly and accurately than handheld circular saws. A table saw can also make miter and bevel cuts (angled cuts). For hybrid table saws, see here.

Standard components include:

  • Rip Fence: A bar on a table saw that functions as a guide for a work piece as it moves past the blade.
  • Miter Gauge: A guide that you can adjust to move the work piece past the blade for making cuts at specific angles.
  • Bevel System: A mechanism that allows you to tilt the blade to make bevel cuts.
  • Riving Knife: Keeps the work piece from pinching the blade, reducing the risk of the boards kicking back toward the operator.
  • Anti-Kickback Pawls: Metal arms with teeth that grab a work piece if it kicks back toward the operator.
  • Blade Guard: A pivoting shield that protects the operator from dust and debris, as well as kickback and accidental contact with the blade.

Portable table saws are the perfect choice for framing and deck building or for use in shops with limited space. Stationary table saws usually operate in one location as a permanent feature and often have a larger table and more features.

Checkout the best bandsaws for your project

Mine is nothing fancy, just a little Startrite 352.

It maxes out with a half inch blade, but as an aid alongside my hand tool woodworking, that’s all I need; A half inch, 3 tpi, thin kerf blade for ripping.

And that’s all I use it for – ripping.

The bandsaw, it’s the machine that’s most like man.
It’s stood up right for one, so takes up little space. It’s underpowered, which is good, it makes you question whether it’s really the best option for that little rip in the one inch stuff. It whines, moans and groans when in use… comforting. It’s also quite rough and inaccurate.

So the bandsaw doesn’t seem that much better than a hand saw. And that’s right it isn’t, but it’s a hand saw with endurance. It moans from the second it’s started, but it will moan for hours on end, long after you, your hand saw, and the teapot have emptied. The best bandsaws for resawing can be found in this article.

Select the right saw for the job

A band saw is a versatile choice for the more advanced DIYer’s power tool collection. It makes small, smooth cuts and can be used for cabinetry, furniture making or decorative molding. A band saw is ideal for making curved and irregular cuts or for cross-cutting smaller pieces. Band saws can cut a wide variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic.

Choose from a portable model to work on the go or a larger stationary saw with a stand and work light for a home or industrial workshop. We have variable or fixed speed models. Stationary band saws come in different table widths, lengths, tilt ranges and blade sizes. Lowe’s stocks specialized models such as a metal band saw for metal work or a horizontal band saw for making repeated straight cuts.

If you’re cutting thinner material or making sharp curves, you’ll want to use a narrower blade with smaller, finer teeth. If you’re cutting thicker materials, you’ll need a wider blade, with fewer, larger teeth, which works faster and makes thicker cuts. Always be sure to match the blade and the band saw speed dial to the project you’re working on.

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